Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NWO: Scientists make DNA Nano-Robot to kill cancer cells

(ampbell Strong, Shawn Douglas and Gael McGil) A digital rendering of DNA nano-robots bearing payloads to precisely attack cancer cells.

Scientists have created a programmable nanorobot made fully of DNA which can transport molecule and specific instructions to definite body cells.
Researchers at Harvard University said they have successfully made a DNA robot which acts almost as a postal worker and is capable of targeting particular cells such as cancerous cells and deliver them self-destruction order.
The robots were designed in the shape of an open barrel made of two halves joined by a hinge. The two halves are held shut by special DNA latches that respond to particular targets by allowing the two halves to swing open and expose their payload.
To produce the biologic robot, George M. Church, Shawn Douglas and their colleagues used a technique called ‘DNA origami’, in which long DNA chains are folded in a prescribed way.
The programmable nanorobot also carries on its surface some peptide molecules called aptamers that can identify specific proteins on the outer layer of the targeted cells and bind to them, researchers wrote in the journal Science.
The nanorobots are considerably smarter than average therapeutic drugs in targeting specific cells without affecting others, a potentiality which not only makes them much more effective but also prevents most of the adverse effects usually associated with medications.
The Harvard team successfully tested their specifically designed robots in lab cultures against definite cancer cells including lymphoma and leukemia.
They have also discovered several different aptamers that can target proteins corresponding to different diseases.
Scientists are working to produce high numbers of the specific nanoreobots to test them in animal models before optimizing them for human studies.

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